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The process of selling and buying a home in parallel, is an overwhelming challenge, especially when young children are involved. MaryLou never faltered in her professionalism and continued to provide emotional support during the very arduous negotiation process. MaryLou’s experience in this profession and her knowledge of key players assisted us greatly in meeting quick deadlines and ensuring a scheduled closing date was met, when it appeared to be an impossible task due to complicated matters that arose. I will never recall this process with fond memories due to the high level of stress that was endured, and the heavy emotions of leaving our home after 8 years... however, MaryLou acted not only as our realtor but as a friend, always wanting to check in with our emotions and helping to talk us through the process. Thank you MaryLou, I strongly feel you are the reason we met this closing deadline and kept our sanity intact!!


Considering my background in residential construction, I am more critical than the average home seller. With that in mind, my experience with MaryLou and the Coco,Early staff was much better than I had hoped. They fulfilled all their responsibilities and exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend them more highly.